Ground for a Peel

IMG_7159I used to ride around like a moron with banana peels (one of my go-to snacks while Traveling at the Speed of Bike) in my bike panniers. I just could not in good conscience throw them in the trash. (At home, I toss them in my spinning composters.) I finally started burying them all over Atlanta, since they decompose and do good things.
Cambridge, MA

Why not join me in finding “ground for a peel”? Yep, just find a patch of dirt and bury your banana peel. Maybe our cities will even start offering public receptacles for compostables (like Cambridge, Massachusetts does). Ours could be a little movement that grows (like #RefuseTheStraw).

Post and tag your photos #GroundForAPeel on social media. Perhaps if we can figure out the little things like this together, we can actually then figure out the big things. Now, that would be appealing.


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