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fullsizeoutput_226a.jpegI got to thinking on my way home from leading yet another tour with Bicycle Tours of Atlanta this week* about how much time I spend outside of the tour hours staying on top of developing stories around Atlanta so I can share accurate, up-to-date positive energy about a city I love. I even re-ride each of our three tour routes alone at least once a month just to see if there is anything I’m missing or new on the edges, or to delve deeper into some historical or other detailed aspect that could enhance or update our regular narrative.

For this photo, I had pre-rode the Krog Street Tunnel and knew that there was a pirate cowboy doughnut mural just beyond where we usually went. Since we had just patronized our favorite local doughnut shop, Revolution, it seemed a logical choice for a photo and to stress support of local businesses (which, by the way, studies show bike riders do more, and more often, than those in cars). (And besides, who doesn’t want to see a pirate cowboy doughnut?)

We host tours seven days a week from one to fifty guests from all over the world who choose to spend more than three hours with us for many reasons (including the possibility of relocating themselves or their businesses here). Many of them are experiencing Atlanta for the very first time. I wonder if corporations, nonprofits, municipalities throughout the metro Atlanta region, business and arts organizations, real estate companies and tourism boards, and other groups realize how much influence tour guides across the city have on creating and curating a first impression of this city, region, and even country.

If you want to keep me in your Atlanta-based organization’s  loop, feel free to email me updates. If you are doing something good, I hope to cross paths with you soon while Traveling at the Speed of Bike.

* which, by the way, was one of my favorite but that’s another story

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