Knee-deep in scooters

I’m knee-deep in scooters — or, rather chest-high, as this third test-ride of mine shows. (Hint: I’m working on something . . . ) See here and the totally raw footage* below for previous test-rides.

* Nothing too thrilling here, just a GoPro view of a first scooter ride on a multiuse path. Please note that I make two lefts and am too uncomfortable to use a hand signal. After accidentally accelerating when I intended to brake, I felt more comfortable using the foot brake to slow down (although I was going quite slow throughout as you can see a scooter or two pass me) rather than the finger brake (although I did use it at the end). I might have preferred the Lime scooter as it has a wider platform on which to stand and an actual hand brake like on a bike but the Lime scooter is a full 5 inches higher than the Lyft, Jump, and Bird scooters and I am only 5’1″ and the Lyft one was already sort of big for me. Bottom line: I’m a fan of the scooters but I strongly prefer a bike. Riding a scooter and feeling uncomfortable, however, is a good reminder to me of what it might feel like for some of my bike students when they are still learning to ride and control a bike.