Peering into the future

IMG_2999.JPG“No lemon, no straw,” Holly Elmore and I both said habitually to the waiter at lunch after we toured Mercedes Benz Stadium and the Georgia World Congress Center last week. The final straw for Holly (seen here taking a photo of Mercedes Benz Stadium’s compostable food scraps that will one day grow food again), was the knowledge that there’s microplastic in our soil, and thus our food and bodies. Holly supports the One Less Straw movement that has swept the globe, and believes she can take it further to make a measurable difference in our collective future.

Through Elemental Impact, Holly’s U.S.-base nonprofit responsible for numerous Zero Waste Zones (including at the Georgia World Congress Center), the Three-Step Straw Initiative (officially launching in June) encourages industry leaders to:

    1. Reduce straw use;
    2. Switch to paper straws for the straws they do use;
    3. Then, compost those paper straws.

These simple actions, magnified due to the size of the organizations that participate, help achieve Elemental Impact’s mission of creating best regenerative operating practices as standard practices. As a result, the entire value-chain benefits, including corporate bottom lines, communities, and the environment. Find out more about the Three-Step Straw Initiative here. And look for Holly out there, peering into the future (as usual), camera in hand.