Kicking off

IMG_E3935.JPGBig thanks to my friend and sustainability advocate extraordinaire, Carolyn Rader, seen here kicking off the Sustainability-in-Action Bike Tour offered through Bicycle Tours of Atlanta as the very first guest, on a far-hotter-than-normal day for this time of the year. She took the inaugural tour this week and I learned as much as I shared, as her roots in urban planning, parks, and resilience go deep.

IMG_E3922The next tour is Sunday, and then four times a month after that. It is only the second ongoing bike tour (after Copenhagen) dedicated to sustainability in the world. We already have interest from event planners at green building conferences; people from all walks of life curious about innovative solutions in our cities; and folks who just want an awesome bike ride — and some fun.

Let’s trust the journey, and see where this goes. What on earth is actually possible?