Noodle Lady song!

I’ve been getting texts and emails from so many people of a recent pool noodle article. Thank you for thinking of me and BikeNoodle*! And, big shout-out to Annalisa van den Bergh (fellow noodle aficionado), as well as the original pool noodle visionary, Warren Huska. For anyone who hasn’t seen this, someone gifted me a song they wrote titled Noodle Lady, and here is my rendition of it. Catchy, isn’t it? (Sorry if you end up singing this all day.)

For more about BikeNoodle, see Chapter 6: Noodle Lady in my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike.  To order your own BikeNoodle sticker, which you can personalize, see Bonus Resources.

* which I’ve been using in suburbia for the last 2.5 years, with 100% success at eliminating illegal passing and driver aggression: