A mile with a child (a question for local candidates)

9-year-old on way to school

One of the newspapers serving my metro Atlanta suburb-city asked for questions for candidates for local office for a forum being held next Sunday. I submitted this for consideration:

Can you please tell one story about one time you did one of the following, how that may have impacted your understanding of safe mobility in our city, and what (if anything) you will do to improve it within your first 100 days?

1. Have you walked a mile with a child (and not just in a big crowd on Walk to School Day)?

2. Have you pushed someone in a wheelchair on your city’s sidewalks, or walked with them with a cane or walker?

3. Have you accompanied a mom with a newborn in a stroller all the way to the supermarket?

4. Have you crossed the street with someone who can’t see or someone who can’t hear?

5. Have you ridden a bike legally with a 13-year-old (which means not on the sidewalk) to a community center, park, store, city hall, library, or school?

6. Have you stood in a non-traffic-signal crosswalk on a main road and counted how many drivers it takes before one stops (as is the law)?

So, we’ll see. Find out more about mobility in this city and beyond in my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike.

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