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Sunrise. Sunset. Sunrise. Sunset. Swiftly fly the years. So goes the song from Fiddler on the Roof, a play which shows up in this book of mine when my older daughter got to be in a professional production of it years ago. So go the years of our lives, with our bucket lists gathering dust, if we let them.

Don’t think you have the time, money or ability to live your bucket list just yet? That’s what I thought, too, but then I realized that didn’t need to be the case. My funny, fast-paced first memoir, Bucket List, proves this point (or so the kind reviews suggest).

I’m trying out this new cover for it, by the way. I’m thinking of doing a paperback* version of this before I leave for Uganda, with an updated prologue. (Ready in time for Lemonade Days? Third time’s a charm!)

This was my first memoir (written even before my first blog, FoodShed Planet), back when I needed to be home for the school bus, and it solidified my commitment to Living Out Loud. It may be helpful to others who may feel sort of stuck in a rut right now, and it may even change the trajectory of the rest of your life (as I believe it did mine).

By the way, this is the only book of mine that features my hubby (married 30 years in January!) (who literally everyone asks about re: Uganda. You’ll get to know him in this one, and you’ll see why he gets “the journey”.) I think he is hilarious in it. 

Bottom line? NO NEED TO WAIT to start living your bucket list, folks. Just start! There is most likely low-hanging-fruit on your list that doesn’t require much money, time or difficulty. Take the leap.

* Bucket List is currently available globally in digital format, instantly downloadable on any device via the free Kindle app.

photo credit: Gillian Baker

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