Like a mantra

5A41224D-80FF-4586-BFDE-87ABA7ED2258I’m wearing the bracelet my friend Mindy gave me just about every day now. It’s helping keep me in the moment and in the hands of my God. It’s reminding me to allow the tsunami of things that are coming at me right now one after the other to happen, without judgment, and to see a blessing and a gift in all of it.

Truth? I’m still scared. But that’s ok. My “new shoes” as a future Peace Corps Volunteer don’t fit yet, but at least I’m not tripping on them all the time anymore. I’ll call that progress. Maybe even one day I’ll be able to dance in them.

a work-in-progress

By the way, after that one kick-off entry (as well as this backstory), I decided not to write a formal blog series about the journey. I am writing about it in the dark of morning in the lone of my home, however (because that’s how I breathe), and I will probably share some excerpts. So much of it, however, is deeply personal and involves other people, and there’s a place for privacy in this story (at least for now).

In the meantime, I just keep repeating it like a mantra. Trust, trust, trust. And I keep trying to carve out time for my very-necessary time spent traveling at the speed of bike.


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