65C20241-3866-478F-BFE3-831081CE500CI’m Traveling at the Speed of Bike the nine miles to my temporary home after visiting my father-in-law at a medical facility when I notice the sunflowers. A community garden!

Della Ray and I ride over. None of the gates have locks, and I feel welcome. We meet a gardener. She tells us how the garden is twelve years old; how 20% of what is grown is donated to those who are homeless and homebound; how this garden is used as a model for others. It reminds me of another garden I know, and it comforts me.

I stroll around to look at the abundant tomatoes and peppers and eggplants — crops that have not yet started where I live. The seasons are different in Florida, and this one may or may not be ending here soon. And yet, in the meantime, there is bounty. With gardens. With strangers. And with loved ones.