Carpe the hell out of every diem (UPDATED)

Starting next week, I’m taking some courses, working on some book projects, doing an article pitch or two, trying to learn Luganda and how to make reusable menstrual pads that keep girls in school in Uganda, for when I finally get there (a hop, skip, and a jump from sewing face masks, right?), riding my bike, growing food, hangin’ with the fam, and trying to survive this thing called life for a little while longer. Tapping out for the rest of April. Please reach out if you need me for anything.

Carpe the hell out of every diem, folks (including just being, if that’s what feels right).

UPDATE: 4/22/20 I made plans; God laughed (as they say).

Since I wrote this original post, I’ve crouched in a bathroom with my bike helmet on to protect myself from tornadoes, and suffered the loss of my father-in-law to coronavirus.