Some people found my headline yesterday “unsettling” — not because a man lost his life, but because it was “confusing” and they thought our mayor lost hers (if you read the post, you’ll see I thank her and others at city hall for the Vulnerable Road User Ordinance going into effect tomorrow). To reduce sensationalism, I took the words “of Dunwoody” out of the headline and added “a man named” before the last name Mayor, and I added an update when the actual mayor informed me that the source from which I learned of the man’s death misspelled his name in both its online video and article. His last name is Mayer, not Mayor. (If so inclined, you can contribute to the GoFundMe campaign for Felix Mayer’s family here.)

I received this information after running a simple errand on bike to the supermarket. And, you wanna know something? That headline could hold any of our names, and the cold, hard truth is that there are no plans for a connected network that provides safe access for all ages and abilities — and someone needs to keep saying it. I’ve lived here 25 years, and I’m tired of taking my life in my hands just to do something that is actually helpful to our world, especially during this global pandemicThat’s what should be unsettling.