First Text-Based Bike Riding Class in the USA NOW LIVE!

It’s live! Introducing the first text-based bike riding class in the USA. This holistic, inclusive class is designed specifically for teen girls/women in the USA 🇺🇸 who want to learn, improve, or refresh their bike basics. It takes just 2 minutes a day AND it’s free! You in? Why not give yourself a gift this Mother’s Day and sign up for this no-stress, joy-based class?

You receive the following, securely delivered at the precise time you determine:

* an intro text;
* a text each day following the order of the topics in the graphic above, each with a visual, brief intro, three bullets and a Bonus Link;
* a conclusion text with link to additional Bonus Resources.

Click here to claim your spot and start the class, and then get ready to start claiming your space in this new golden age of bike riding.