At your service

Public fruit is at your service to provide free, convenient, yummy snacks and hydration in cites all over the USA — plus who doesn’t love fresh-baked cobblers?! I am particularly in love with serviceberries but am missing the opportunity to indulge in them this year. Where I’m Traveling at the Speed of Bike while sheltering-in-place during this global pandemic has none that I can access safely (I believe there are still some small trees in my local public park, if they haven’t been cut down recently for plastic places, but I’ve been avoiding the park due to the inability to safely social distance there while bike riding).

Here’s a little video that shows what to look for if you’re on the hunt for serviceberries, mulberries, and more, where you live. You may also enjoy Tastes Like Champagne, and these other previous posts about serviceberries. If interested, there’s a whole section in my book about public fruit. Also, take a look at these gorgeous serviceberry trees in Downtown Atlanta’s Centennial Park:


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