A Departure from the Plan

I am a Peace Corps Invitee, originally scheduled to depart for Peace Corps Uganda on June 4, 2020 (a week from tomorrow). Additionally, I am part of the roughly 4% of Peace Corps Volunteers who are over the age of 50, and part of the less-than-1%  who are married.

Although it made news when all currently-serving U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers worldwide were recently evacuated and their terms of service ended due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, and when it was recently announced that these volunteers could apply for expedited consideration to resume their service once the situation allowed, I don’t recall any stories about the many Peace Corps Invitees who have been and are currently still painstakingly preparing to leave their jobs, families, and lives (our service has been delayed, not ended).

This is my story. It is hopeful, and perhaps it may be helpful to someone at this time when faith in the future may be difficult. If you’ve been thinking about the Peace Corps yourself, this insider viewpoint may affirm or change your thinking.

Click here for Leaving Suburbia for the Peace Corps
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