Summer reading

Happy Summer! If you’re a summer-reading kind-of-person, you may enjoy my books (the two that are available in both print and digital formats are shown above; the rest are instantly downloadable to any device).


Here is my Amazon USA page. Links below take you to the global links for Traveling at the Speed of Bike and Food for My Daughters, plus the website for Stranger Things Happen.

* Traveling at the Speed of Bike (It’s a Memoir; It’s a Movement!) — A rubber-hits-the-road account of a woman — and a country — at a crossroads.

* Food for My Daughters (Nonfiction/Inspiration) — What one mom did when the towers fell (and what you can do, too).

* Bucket List (Memoir/Inspiration) — No time to Eat Pray Love around the world or take a Wild walk, one mom found a way to live her bucket list and still be home in time for the school bus. (Caution: This may inspire you to take immediate action on your life list as well.)

* Spokesgirl (Young Adult) — Peggy Wells, a funny, acerbic 16-year-old girl who lost a leg to cancer, learns to ride a unicycle and puts a new spin on her life and the lives of those around her. In the process, she exposes the hidden handicaps in everyday relationships and the rewards of facing the fear of loss, and the fear of truly living, head on.

* Stranger Things Happen (Flash Fiction) — Lives collide in a city (like mine, like yours) facing the pain and pride of change in this overlapping collection of flash fiction stories each under 1,000 words (five of which have been featured in literary magazines) inspired by original street photography.

All proceeds used to help folks.