Big Jugs

With my jug-carrying (since January, in preparation for the Peace Corps) possibly interrupted due to circumstances beyond my control, I am thrilled to share with you that an original piece I wrote, titled Big Jugs, is included in a salon-style show named For Goodness Sake at the Jewish Women’s Theatre of Los Angeles, at which my older daughter serves as an artistic fellow (and with whom I had the gift of working to adapt the piece for performance).

The show premiered yesterday (live, via Zoom), and airs live three more times. If you are so inclined to support theatre during these trying times., you can get your ticket here.

The diversity of stories in the show is breathtaking, and you will most likely join me in both laughing and crying. There is a limit of 150 tickets per show, and it was exciting to see that these ended up in the hands of people from all over the world yesterday. I hope to attend tonight and Thursday. Perhaps I’ll “see” you there! (Note that the start time listed is Pacific Time.)

Oh, and in case you want to see my jugs . . .

Yes, I know. This has literally nothing to do with Traveling at the Speed of Bike.