Ghost Bike Memorial in My Neighboring City

Less than two months ago (on Saturday morning, May 30th, 2020), I rode my bike the five little miles from my suburb-city to the next one, where there was a ghost bike memorial for a citizen of my city who was killed by a motor vehicle driver there.

I had the opportunity to bear witness (from a social distance) with many members of the metro Atlanta cycling community (I was the only woman in a dress on an upright bike there — I rode Magic that day, because magic seems to be what’s needed). Here’s my previous post about that.

Below is a public service announcement I created that I’ve been posting and emailing to my city hall for years:


Here’s my recent personal miracle moment.

I don’t know how I survived that hit-and-run a week ago yesterday, or why. But here I am, continuing to give this some really deep thought. Continuing to feel the weight of a call-to-duty. Continuing to trust the journey.