Has anything changed? UPDATED

Here are photos from when I attended the ghost bike dedication ceremony for a man (Felix Mayer) who was riding a bike when he was killed by a man (Leonardo Angulo Banos) driving a motor vehicle in my neighboring metro-Atlanta city (Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA) two months ago.

I hope to ride by there again this week to see what’s changed. Is there pop-up tactical urbanism there now to create safe access? (Here are images from other cities that have done this.)

If no changes have been made after a man was killed, can I expect that changes will be made after I survived? And if even deaths don’t matter, what actually does?

(Note: the only city official from any metro-Atlanta city who attended the ghost bike dedication was Joe Seconder, City of Dunwoody Councilmember, pictured second from the left below. The others pictured are Bruce Hagen of Bikelaw; a man named Robert whom I don’t know but let me find out more about him and revise this shortly; and David Mathews of Bike Friendly ATL, which is the organization that has created and installed 81 ghost bikes throughout the southeastern United States, predominantly in Georgia.)


UPDATE: See Man Charged with 7 Counts After Killing Man on Bicycle in Sandy Springs, GA (note: no road changes have been as of 11 months after this series of preventable crimes occurred)

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