“People for Bikes” Survey

July 14, 2021: Whoops. I just sent people to this link by mistake. I meant to send you here


Oh, dear. It’s time for the annual People for Bikes survey about what it’s like to ride a bike in your city in the United States. I reply to this survey every year.

According to the People for Bikes website, the ratings that result are based on five factors: Ridership, Safety, Network, Reach and Acceleration. It includes publicly-available data from government sources and new data gathered from our Community Survey, City Snapshots, and Bicycle Network Analysis tool. You can see your city’s score here.

Many cities are gonna fly up the charts due to the pop-up tactical urbanism their cities have recently added that has increased safe-access-for-all during this global pandemic. My city leaders said no (or nothing at all) when I asked for that on March 20, 2020. Click here to see the residential road to and from my city’s main park, several schools, places of worship, a community center, and a senior home where I survived a hit-and-run recently while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. That Fox 5 Atlanta news report also shows me on the only road to and from my home that takes me to the supermarket, post office, and city hall.

The surprising thing? I still have such hope for real, rubber-hits-the-road change.

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