Join Team “Trust the Journey” for BikeTober

Every year about right now I have this vulnerable feeling like, “Maybe no one will join my Atlanta Bike Challenge team for BikeTober.” And as an introvert, this is not a good feeling!

But every year, people have, and we’ve had fun. No biggie —just ride a bike like 10 minutes a week (more if you want). Every time you ride at least 10 minutes, you qualify for a chance to win big prizes — including an ebike!

I try to cross paths with every team member once. We usually shockingly end up in the finals somehow. (A team can win just by the number of people they encourage, not necessarily the number of miles they ride!)

I didn’t expect to be here in Atlanta this year (I thought I’d be about to start month 5 in Africa) so I didn’t think Team Trust the Journey would be happening for its 4th year. Yet, here we are. Anyone want to join? (nibbles nails.)

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