I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Art!

I’ve been so art-starved out here in suburbia during this pandemic and now there’s THIS beautiful sprinkling of creativity all over the place! I love this project!

Painted picnic table featuring a large red heart

The Metro Atlanta city of Dunwoody has added 25 local-artist painted picnic tables featuring local nonprofits and located at restaurants throughout the city in order to encourage support of local organizations and businesses during COVID-19. As my next Ride Spot tour as a People for Bikes Ambassador, I’ve put together a nice self-guided route (see here) that will take you from coffee to lunch to ice cream! (Here* are my previous tours, if interested.)

Six local-artist-painted picnic tables in place of car parking! The owner is considering being the 1st biz in the city to convert a car parking spot right next to this to a bike parking spot!

And with 65 miles of de facto multiuse path now that sidewalk-riding has been legalized, you can actually get there while Traveling at the Speed of Bike with your family or friends of all ages and abilities! (Yield to pedestrians when on sidewalks. Note that you do also have the option of bike lanes at various points but they do not meet NACTO guidelines for speed and volume of motor vehicle traffic.)

Tip: Order curbside pickup as there are no bike racks at any of the tables. You can roll up to the ice cream window, however!

Rolling up by bike to the ice cream window!

Hang tight while I add more photos and the Ride Story on the Ride Spot app. I’ll point out some other great things along the way.

* As a People for Bikes Ambassador, I am creating and sharing self-guided bike tours that are low-stress and welcoming. My listed tours include: