If you haven’t already voted by mail, early voting in person starts Monday here in the State of Georgia in the United States of America. Early voting in some other states has already started. You can find the early voting status for every state here.

Please start considering your plan, and your backup plan, if you haven’t done so already. Bring food. Bring a folding chair. Bring your belief that your vote matters — because it does, now more than ever.

This quote of John Lewis is posted everywhere in the district he served for 17 consecutive terms, until his recent death. I took the photo a few days ago while Traveling at the Speed of Bike.

poster with John Lewis quote about voting

If interested, here is when I witnessed his body arriving at the Georgia State Capitol — which, by the way, is now being surrounded with an eight-foot fence, in preparation for potential outcomes of the election.

The body of John Lewis arriving at the Georgia State Capitol

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