Damn. This “Trust” Thing Works

So, first of all, I finished the “Dunwoody Painted Picnic Tables while Traveling at the Speed of Bike” self-guided tour for you, but that’s not even the story. Something so big (that may seem small to others) happened yesterday. It was directly as a result of creating these tours*. Which was directly as a result of interviewing the new CEO of People for Bikes, Jenn Dice, for my “You Go, Girl” series. Which was directly as a result of surviving a hit-and-run while riding my bike. So, yes, trust the damn journey. It works.

It’s not time to tell you about it yet. (It’s not the bike mayor thing, although my fingers are still crossed about that.)

Hang tight. I need to see where this goes first. And I need to respect the privacy of the people involved.

As a People for Bikes Ambassador, I am creating and sharing self-guided bike tours that are low-stress and welcoming. My listed tours include: