Meet Frey

Meet Frey. She is Today’s Nice Stranger.* She was so welcoming to me when I popped in to the newest Refugee Coffee** location on “Sweet” Auburn Avenue while working on a new Ride Spot tour in nearby Castleberry Hill. Although the shop was empty and just about to close (I nabbed the last chocolate croissant), she said the Georgia State University students nearby are keeping it in business during these trying times.

I’ll do an Auburn Avenue tour for you soon as well. The Atlanta Streetcar, which I call Streety, runs on Auburn Avenue — you may enjoy my years-long longitudinal photo essay titled A Streetcar Named Aspire. Here’s a little mashup of a few of the photos:

* See photos and little stories about 100 or so nice strangers here, if you enjoy these serendipitous encounters. There are literally thousands more that haven’t been added or photographed — I only take these street portraits after establishing a relationship and if there is consent.

** If interested, the original location is featured on my Ride Spot tour titled “Most Diverse Square Mile in the USA while Traveling at the Speed of Bike.”