James Beard Foundation Winner

I met Abiodun Henderson in 2018 while traveling at the speed of bike on Relay Bikeshare in Downtown Atlanta. She was selling hot sauce by Woodruff Park.

We chatted. I loved hearing how she had been in my friend Rashid’s new growers training program at Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture as well as the Center for Civic Innovation’s fellowship program. She then created and runs a for-profit social enterprise named Gangstas to Growers that trains formerly-incarcerated Black youth on Atlanta’s West Side. I bought their hot sauce. took this photo of her (above), and included her in my ongoing Today’s Nice Stranger photo essay.

Well, I found out yesterday that she was named the recipient of the James Beard Foundation Leadership Award for her founding and leadership of Gangstas to Growers. Big, huge congrats, Abiodun.

See the story here:

Congratulations, Abiodun. I am so glad I crossed paths with you.