Quick warning — leaves can cover dangers when you’re out and about Traveling at the Speed of Bike! I had the biggest wipeout of my life on Bushy Creek Trail in Suwanee, Georgia when I was working on a People for Bikes tour (click my smiley little face at that link, and then click Classics).

Turns out that freshly-fallen leaves were covering a sandbar that must have resulted from a creek overflow after a recent rain. OMG, a total wipe-out smash on the ground.

Luckily, I’m just bruised; luckily this didn’t happen when I was a victim of you-on-what; and luckily, it didn’t seem to interfere with my ability to take yet another Leap of Faith.

So, bottom line, watch out for leaves.

And those crazy-ass squirrels frantically gathering nuts. (But that’s another story.)

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