One Little Person

So I sat on these steps yesterday while traveling at the speed of bike, yet again, in the City of Atlanta. I had just bought a patch kit for my other bike’s flat tire from a local bike shop. I had taken some photos of art. I had met a nice woman and chatted, and waved to a few guys on bikes who recognized me and whom I recognized in return just from all the passing and waving and picking free public fruit together over the years.

And I got to thinking, as usual.

I’m just one little person. And I’m not sure how much I can actually accomplish. But I know I’m not done trying.

And there are some people who believe in me and who wrote letters in support of something I pursued recently, for which I am humbled and grateful.

Tomorrow there will be a small announcement in the world. But it’s big to me, because it gives me another reason to try a little harder.