Murphology Podcast!

photo from the MurphologyPodcast Instagram

So I get this email from a woman named Kathy Murphy who goes by the nickname Murph. She lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and she found me somehow through the “You Go, Girl!” series of blog posts that I did as a way to help my healing after surviving a hit-and-run driver while traveling at the speed bike four months ago. Turns out she’s a road violence survivor and a League Cycling Instructor too. She produces a wonderful podcast named Murphology that’s completely focused on interviews with experience bicyclists, and she wanted to interview me!

Needless to say when someone wants to chat bikes with me, I say yes, yes, and yes. Well, actually in this case, it was a yes and a yes as we recorded the podcast two separate times because of a technical glitch. But that just meant I got to talk with lovely Kathy (Murph!) twice as much, which I thoroughly enjoyed. You may enjoy our conversation, too.

As alway, I have much to learn, and Murph is a bike touring pro and that’s something I know very little about. Her website offers lots of tips. Maybe that’s next for me. Who knows? Trust the journey, right?

Thanks, Murph! I love knowing you’re out there in the world, and that we are now connected. You go, girl!!!!