Allow. Don’t Ask How.

I go back to this photo a lot. I took it while Traveling at the Speed of Bike in the Krog Street Tunnel in the City of Atlanta awhile ago. A lot is happening as Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor, and the people with whom I’m supposed to be traveling now on our path forward as a region and society are appearing, one by one, day after day.

I can tell from blog stats and document downloads and book sales when someone new-to-me and I have found each other, and I patiently await the inevitable email or social media private message that officially connects us.

In short, I must allow; don’t ask how. There is a beauty and power and joy in that. And I, of course, continue to trust the journey.

Perhaps you’re trying to move things forward too, but not always sure how or with whom. Or perhaps you’re just waiting for all this current hell to pass and are maybe feeling bad about your current lack of focus. (Fun fact: I’ve been reading the exact same book since March. Cannot focus on more than one page a day.)

Reminder: You are enough. You do enough. Allow. Don’t ask how.

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