They Say Blogs Are Dead, but 10,000 People Tell me Otherwise

They say blogs are dead, but ten thousand unique visitors to Traveling at the Speed of Bike in 2020 have told me otherwise. Lingering for three or four posts per view, you are helping my little free blog be increasingly what one would call “sticky.” It’s no comparison to the heyday of blogging back in the aughts when my previous blog, FoodShed Planet (excerpts from which are in this book), experienced a solid 30,000 new visitors every single month. Those days were good.

But now, I know, it’s not about the number of eyeballs but about each person’s ability to take a positive action as a result of crossing paths with me (and to inspire me in return). And so, to those of you who are tapping in daily or for the first time:

  • Thank you for helping me keep my faith alive in the power of the printed word and the potential impact of visually-presented lived and learned experience;
  • Thank you for hearing and heeding calls to action;
  • Thank you for your emails and connections;
  • And mostly, thank you for trusting the journey with me.

Just a few more days and a few more stories and then it’s break time for the holidays. And then we’ll have the fresh blank slate of a brand new year in which to make a measurable difference, together.