Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Runoff elections. Insurrection. A much-needed escape for reflection. 

And yet, there is no quiet. 

The earth throbs with energy and the pulsating presence of its life force punctures our short winter here in the southeastern United States. Birds and buds and flowing water surrounds me. Mossy green and fresh, new clover abounds.

I leap between a rock and a hard place, so apropos to the pervading feeling of Now, and then sit on the granite ledge where I used to read The New York Times Magazine as my daughters dodged snakes in the creek below on Sunday mornings. 

between a rock and a hard place, energy flows

And now we dodge snakes, in other ways.

I look for signs. Awakenings. The interrelationships between the very breath of being, the phenology of things, as it is the only way to know when to plant during this climate of change. 

It won’t be long until forsythias, and that will mean it’s time to plant peas. 

Peas on earth. 

It’s coming. 


And I am here for it.

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