“New Insights on Biking Among Older Adults”

I’m attending the “New Insights on Biking Among Older Adults” webinar today cohosted by AARP and the League of American Bicyclists. I’m looking forward to finding out about my fellow 57-year-olds (and older!)

My thoughts (which may or may not be reflected today): those of us in our 50s and 60s are what’s called Bike Natives as we were profoundly impacted by the “boom where it happened” — the biggest bike boom in the nation’s history in the (graffiti-filled) 1970s. (Photo above taken yesterday in Atlanta’s Krog Street Tunnel while working on my latest free bike tour as Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor.)

Short answer: you want Bike Natives on your team for their lived and learned experience — and, more importantly, authentic passion — as we embrace this second bike boom.

You simply can’t teach the freedom we felt back then, as the world has changed so much. But we still feel it in our bones, specifically when we’re Traveling at the Speed of Bike. And that’s contagious (and has a financial value to your communities).

Many Downtowns have become more welcoming for Traveling at the Speed of Bike. If you haven’t checked yours out recently, you may be pleasantly surprised (plus, there may be far fewer cars during the pandemic). Join me in your own Mary Tyler Moore moment! (You know you want to.)
Most “trips” are just a few miles — and that’s a great distance for Traveling at the Speed of Bike! Why not start with just a mile or two to run an errand, ride to work (or the bus or train), or meet a friend and see how it feels? You’ll be the cool kid again (or finally).
There’s lots of free fun waiting for you out there when you’re Traveling at the Speed of Bike! La, la, la feelin’ groovy! You’ll be singing along in no time!

Trust the journey,


Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor

League Cycling Instructor #5382

PeopleForBikes Ambassador



Thank you for your support. 100% of proceeds from the sale of my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, as well as my original-art Artsy Bike Face Mask, are used to help more women and girls ride bikes.

Also, there’s a bib! You can order it here. See an adorable baby modeling it here. (Reminder: Kids don’t wait. They grow up. You can’t “feel like a kid again” when you ride a bike for the rest of your life . . . if you didn’t ride a bike as a kid. The time for change is now.)

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