Are You the Next Joe?

Email below reprinted with permission from City of Dunwoody City Councilor Joe Seconder. You’ve met Joe here before. If interested, see A Second(er) or Two about Why You’re Needed and Status Quo or Status Joe? He also spearheaded the first Sustainability political forum in the Southeastern United States in 2011. You can see his website here.

Hi Friends,

Since moving back to Georgia from Europe in 2007, my mantra has been to  “Bloom where you’re planted” and to get involved locally to effect change. And grassroots advocacy by members of the community plays a key role in this – no matter where you live. That’s why I started Bike Walk Dunwoody (BWD) over a decade ago. Although not incorporated, without a formal board, or dues paying members, BWD was able to contribute to great things in our city to improve walkability and bike-ability. From campaigning for new policies, providing input on master plans and projects, to holding events like Kids Bike Rodeos or being a part of the 4th of July parade. Simply showing up and being heard has made a difference.

Given my role on city council and expanded time needs, BWD needs some folks to help out.  

Bike Walk Dunwoody’s motto is “Connecting our Community”, and what she needs now is to be connected with a few good people willing to carry the torch and keep her moving forward. She’s got “good bones”, for sure. With a blog, a website, social media presence and branding; now she needs some TLC. 

Please don’t be intimidated. This LOVE can be focused on just a couple of things and keep the effort minimal to start — Perhaps holding a couple of annual city events? Education & Programming? Helping get the word out for input on projects, plans or budgets? Simply sharing information on social media & email blasts? Other simple initiatives, giving back to the community?

What does this look like?  BWD will have a core team of 4-6 people (out of a city of 55,000) willing to spend 4-6 hours a month — (1 to 1.5 hours a week). Why 4-6 people? Because not everyone will always be available. Provides backup. 

My ask: Can you be one of these 4-6 people? Do you know of anyone who would want to help and commit to the care & feeding of Bike Walk Dunwoody for a few hours a month? Can you reach out to your network of friends and neighbors and ask?

With these key people in place, BWD can move forward and do things. One simple technique to build & maintain this core group is to have a monthly meeting. Via zoom today, but as an in-person potluck held at someone’s home post-COVID. In-person at a home personalizes the group and helps develop relationships. Scheduling meetings monthly allows for people to come & go based on their schedules, and keeps communication, continuity and progress moving forward.

FWIW, Brookhaven does this. They just have some folks coming together every so often to work on stuff. And Roswell & Alpharetta have very active well-established advocacy organizations as well that are incorporated as non-profits, with boards and committees. 

REMEMBER: Bike Walk Dunwoody 2.0 can be small & focused: Just by holding regular planning meetings, working on social media, website & email updates. Then take it from there . . . 

So what’s next? Provide me with a few names and I will make myself available to help with coordination and hand off with a Zoom meeting, etc. to keep the ball rolling. 
Or just give me a call and we can chat!



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