Am “Taking Ten” for Pure Imagination

I’m not finding the time or head space to work on my personal passion project — my next book, a work of fiction for middle school children titled Slow Duck Crossing. I visited the inspiration for this book again this week and it transported me to a world of pure imagination that’s calling me. And, as you know, I trust the journey, especially when it looks and feels like this:

a visit to Slow Duck Crossing, the place inspiring a children’s middle-grade novel

So, I’m “taking ten” (ten days) to immerse myself in it*. See ya’! Quack quack.

Note, my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, takes just about two hours to read, if you’re looking for some bikey content while I’m elsewhere. I’m an indie author, and your support is greatly appreciated.

If you’re looking for tips and inspiration to kick off your garden (or other food-for-thought in our changing world), or want a way to live your bucket list without traveling far (especially pertinent right now during this pandemic), I got you covered there as well: See Food for My Daughters (which is easy to browse, or read month-by-month along with the seasons) and Bucket List (which is an even quicker read than Traveling at the Speed of Bike, by the way, and will make you laugh out loud— trust me).

*I’ll still attend planned meetings through March 3 as a League Cycling Instructor and Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor, per this schedule. Moving forward, I am no longer available to attend local meetings unless they occur on a bicycle. During the pandemic, that means with just one or two other people maximum and for a distinct life-saving purpose.