Almost Done

I started writing my new book 16 days ago. Draft one will be done this week (just in time for March FORTH, my fave day of the year, on which I always do something new and empowering. That’s when I released Traveling at the Speed of Bike three years ago, by the way — here’s that little, tiny post). That’s cause for a leap of joy.

I’m targeting April 1 for a polished manuscript, and then I’ll launch my agent pitch package. There’s a website. There’s a TikTok. There’s a guerrilla marketing plan. There are little yellow ducks filling that yellow bag on my back.

I’ve been Traveling at the Speed of Bike to the place that inspired it almost every day. So much has happened during this absolutely life-affirming journey. In fact, I dare say it has been my favorite project of my life. Good ol’ trust the journey strikes again.

I was moved to action on this, by the way, by a callous, careless quote from someone in one of the last local meetings I attended. (I’m choosing not to share the actual quote right now, but it’s in my back pocket. It’s worth more to me as inspiration than it would be if I shared it, and I am grateful for it.)

Additionally, I’ve been to several global bicycle mayor meetings in the past two weeks, and I’m currently attending the National Bike Summit here in the United States (although we took an awe-inspiring virtual bike tour of Delft in the Netherlands yesterday).

I’m one of ten people from the State of Georgia who is going to the U.S. Capitol Wednesday to meet with our elected officials to encourage the sponsoring of several bills to increase funding that will improve safety for all in the shared public spaces we call streets. People all over the country are preparing to do this right now with their elected officials as well.

I’ll be back soon with some other bikey updates, including someone inspiring I want you to meet (see my Meet series to date here). And then it’s on to the next county (hello, Cobb!) as Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor, while continuing to get my ducks in a row, so to speak, on my new book.

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