National Bike Summit

I kicked off yesterday with a sunrise ride because the meetings were starting early on the final day of the National Bike Summit (and my daily bike ride is pretty non-negotiable. I, in, fact listened with one earbud a day earlier to a virtually bike tour of DC — while traveling at the speed of bike past blooming cherry blossoms here in Metro Atlanta, pictured below, which felt on point).

A lot happened yesterday as people all across the USA met with their elected officials (virtually) at the U.S. Capitol. I was part of the delegation from Georgia — a dozen people who volunteered to represent every corner of this state.

We all met with Senator Warnock’s office. Elliott Caldwell of Georgia Bikes (who served as our astounding state coordinator) and I met with Representative McBath’s office. Others met with Reps. Williams, Bordeaux, and Carter’s offices. Elliot Caldwell of Georgia Bikes . Secretary Pete Buttigieg spoke at noon. (If interested, you can see those 23 inspiring minutes here.)

These efforts will hit home, provide local funding and flexibility, and save lives wherever you live in this country through the Complete Streets Act (with minimum standards that actually enable safe access), the Safe Streets Act (that targets corridors with high levels of Vulnerable Road User fatalities), and the Transportation Alternatives reauthorization (that secures funding and technical assistance for local municipalities).

I have more to say about the last four days, and the next four years. But I need a nice, long, ride today to think it through. Spring is blooming here in Georgia. And hope is, too.