Meet Daisy

Ten years ago, Andrea Ward was a kitted-up cyclist zipping around a Metro Atlanta suburb named Peachtree Corners. Life dealt her some serious blows since then, but also blew a new life into hers when she adopted a little girl as a single mom. Now, after twists and turns that have tested her resilience, required her faith, and ultimately taken her elsewhere, she didn’t need a way back as much as she craved a way forward.

Meet Daisy. That’s what Andrea’s now-five-year-old daughter named the bike that Andrea just received from Mike (a man who lives nowhere near them and whom Andrea did not know except for a phone call). I’m gonna stop the story here, because it’s really Mike’s and Andrea’s to tell when and how (and if) they ever want to. Let’s just say this journey to connect Andrea with a bike was not linear and tested my faith as well. It also reminded me that miracles happen if we let them.

Andrea said I could share this photo of the bike Mike brought (which, yes, is the exact same one as Schwinneola — that was miracle number 1; there were more) and her quote. Past experience shows that every time I do, someone new feels invited into the journey.

So, welcome if that’s you. If you have faced hard times or unexplainable twists and turns. If you are looking for a way forward. If you think maybe that bike in the attic or shed or neighbor’s garage could help.

Just because your bike is old and broken doesn’t mean you are. However, if you are broken, or at least feel that way, I know it may seem easier to fix a bike than it is to change a life. But why not just start there, and see what happens? Maybe even miracles.