And So Ends National Bike Month

Hi, everyone! Today ends National Bike Month in the USA. I now officially pass the rolling wave to Canada for their National Bike Month in June, and to the world for World Bicycle Day on June 3, with this visual featuring Atlanta.

The 120 bicycle mayors as part of our global consortium will each be posting a #RollingWave on World Bicycle Day that shows something recognizable from their cities. Not only should this be fun (and fun matters) but it also underscores the worldwide impact of our current bike boom and our potential for positive, collaborative change as we invite more people into the movement.

Depicted in my contribution to the cause is:

  • the Centennial Olympic Rings (from the 1996 Olympic Games here in Atlanta);
  • the John Lewis mural that served as his public memorial after his recent death, with his hand waving and a quote of his about taking to the streets for freedom;
  • a view of the Downtown Atlanta skyline made famous by the Walking Dead television show, which was filmed here;
  • motor vehicle traffic, as I raise my bike as an example of another option

As always, I hope to see you out there Traveling at the Speed of Bike!