The Bike in the Basement

Happy Father’s Day to my dad, whom I saw last week for the first time since before COVID. He always gets “the bike in the basement” ready for me (meet Schwinneola here). He even came with me to the Mineola Bike Shop this time when we had a problem with the pump. I eyed a tandem bike for sale there and thought about how much I’d love to ride with my dad, but with him at 88 years old now and a driving culture much more dangerous than when I grew up in that very place (although I did ride all over while I was there last week), it just didn’t make sense.

Happy Father’s Day also to my husband of 31 years, who is constantly doing thoughtful things for everyone, and who knows just what to say if I’m bothered about something (“Why don’t you go for a bike ride?”).

Love those guys.

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