“Plasket” Road Test Results! (UPDATED!)

A company named ElectraBike contacted me and asked if I wanted to road-test their Plasket, which is a bike basket made out of upcycled ocean plastic. Each Plasket reclaims one pound of this abundant waste. I said sure, and it arrived two nights ago. I road-tested it yesterday on a nine-mile ride around my suburb-city in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The Plasket comes in several colors and snaps on and off a handlebar-mounting-device so I can take it with me into places (local restaurants, markets, etc.). It rained during the final part of my ride and I love that it is weather-resistant (although it doesn’t protect its contents from rain). I do have difficulty figuring out where to put my front light, however, as the Plasket blocks it.

My Plasket had one other little issue. See the rest of this RideStory below for that. I’m road-testing it again during the next few days and will give my rating out of five stars and whether or not I would recommend you buy it after that. Stay tuned!

A Tisket, A Tasket! A Road-Test of Upcycled Ocean Plastic!

The Plasket has a carrying capacity of 11 pounds. My skates only weigh 3 pounds, and yet it seems like too much. We’ll see! 

I get a text from a city councilor while in this very spot that a firm was selected to design a multiuse path here, and the rest of the way to the spot where I survived a hit-and-run a year ago next week (most-viewed post in history of this blog, although maybe posts about the Plasket will surpass it)! Whoo hoo! 

I am concerned that the Plasket will block my camera (footage from which was used in a court of law following my assault last year), but it doesn’t! (This is what it looks like to ride your bike to the farmer’s market, the skate park, the community garden, the food pantry, and a middle and elementary school, by the way.)

The Plasket comes with a security strap to hold it closed. Turns out this strap is too short for my needs and thus the Plasket keeps popping open (the second hole held a little longer than the first hole). I’ll ask Electrabike if they have a longer one. 

When the Plasket pops open, it rubs on my tire and also creates a risk where contents could fall out. If I had groceries in there (which is likely in the near future as I run errands on my bike almost every day), this risk could easily occur. Hmmm. I may need to just make sure I have my bungee cord with me (as usual). I’ll be picking up some groceries probably today and we’ll see how it goes!

I meet my hubby to play bocce here weekly. I wonder how it is for rollerskating! I catch a glance at the Plasket and I think it looks cute on my bike named Magic.

Turns out the bocce court area is great for rollerskating! I make a TikTok to Ella Fitzgerald’s Paper Moon. What was I thinking?! I should have chosen A Tisket a Tasket! 

While waiting to meet hubby at this local deli, I see this report. You’d think I wouldn’t be the only person on a bike here, considering gas prices are apparently up 40%, but I am. Maybe the Plasket is the big idea that will get folks out there riding? (Or maybe actual safe access in needed. Hmmmm.)

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Stay tuned for more Plasket updates!

Update! I took the Plasket grocery shopping and loved it!!!! I also watched a documentary on Netflix titled A Plastic Ocean which reinforced the need for more social plastic products like this. So, I’m gonna give this a thumb’s-up YES recommendation. And I even included the Plasket in my logo in my new brand-refresh!