Sneak Peek at September/October

Sabbatical Week 3. Thought I’d just pop in with this TikTok message at the bottom of this post with my three stated goals as the first Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor — also catch the ending about biking to school, as Metro Atlanta schools start again right now.

I have three more Sabbatical weeks to go after this one (with full realization that I’m obviously not so good at sabbaticals, lol — but am still trying to let go of the egregious and pervasive greenwashing, specifically in the Metro Atlanta suburbs, and finally, finally, finally accept that I cannot change that. Ohmmmm. Ohmmmm.)

I’ll be back in September w/ this fun, FREE weekly newsletter (7 issues — click here to sign up); plus NEW profiles of people making it welcoming to ride bikes, and NEW PeopleForBikes Ridespot routes! PLUS, I’ll be creating the Metro Atlanta Biketober schedule AND annual Trust The Journey team for the Atlanta Bike Challenge! (Dust off your bikes, folks! Only 8 spots on the team! U earn points and qualify for prizes every time you ride just ten minutes! U earn even MORE points when u simply encourage someone else to ride!)

That will round out my 1-year anniversary November 1 as your Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor. Year 2 may be completely different. We shall see! (Psst. I have kind of a big idea . . . )

Big thanks again to all who wrote letters of endorsement last year at this time. I am honored to represent our 10-county/70 city region in the global consortium of 125 bicycle mayors, and be one of only 6 USA-based bicycle mayors. Am hoping to see that number grow!

(Also, in sad news: RIP to the man who was killed last week while riding his bike in the Metro Atlanta city of Peachtree City by a driver who did not stop, and the man using a wheelchair in the Metro Atlanta city of Dunwoody who killed by the driver of a truck.)