Just renewed my League Cycling Instructor certification for Year 6.

Every year has been different.

Was hired by the City of Decatur to teach seniors-on-trikes and kids-in-need for a year;

Volunteered with every organization you can imagine from ICanBike kids with developmental disabilities in Alpharetta to the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s Habitat for Humanity, AARP, and Urban Commuter classes;

Rode “sweep” at many events including the City of Atlanta Rolling Town Hall and City of Dunwoody Ride-to-Lunch with the Mayor;

Gave a Lunch-and-Learn in the City of Norcross;

Helped refugees in Clarkston outfit their bikes with lights with Georgia Bikes, plus I teach teens there;

Worked for Bicycle Tours of Atlanta for a year as a tour guide and creator;

Created and continue to give proprietary Pedal Power with Pattie classes to women and teen girls;

Served as a Relay Bikeshare ambassador and currently serve as a PeopleForBikes ambassador;

Am now 10 months into a 2-year term as the 1st Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor service as part of a global consortium (here’s the latest on that, with my areas of focus moving forward);

Was invited to participate in a 13-person national panel today to create innovative and inspiring messaging at our critical crossroads of change;

Am about to lead Team Trust the Journey in the Atlanta Bike Challenge for our 5th Biketober;

Am attending the next North American Bicycle Mayors meeting next week to discuss collaborations, and the global Bicycle Mayor Network meeting the week after;

Am continually modeling the use of bikes for transportation in a suburb that is dangerous by design (for which I received an award but no requested life-saving improvements 🙁);

I’m still trusting the journey, sharing resources here on, and praying I hear and heed my next calling, for which I am ready.

It may not even have anything to do with bikes*, and everything to do with renewal as a person, a society, and a world.

*or may include these other passions of mine as well