Shop (No Drop) Tour Coming!

My new PeopleForBikes Ambassador swag arrived yesterday and that got fired me up about creating a new tour as part of my collection of welcoming routes in Metro Atlanta! (See my existing free tours here.) Big thanks, Jeremy and the gang at Ridespot! These folks are fun. (I was asked to be an Ambassador after interviewing PeopleForBikes President and CEO Jenn Dice following my survival of road violence in the very place I’m featuring on my new tour.)


Thanks for the swag, PeopleForBikes! #Ridespot

♬ Bicycle Race – Ra

Considering that the Metro Atlanta city of Dunwoody (where I live) is the only city in the state of Georgia that legalized riding a bike on sidewalks for people of all ages due to known and continually-created dangerous-by-design conditions (am looking at you, Tilly Mill Road!), coupled with the outsized positive economic impact of women-on-bikes (see why cities everywhere are losing money), my next tour will feature places to buy unique women’s clothing here! And it’s a no-drop (self-guided) tour, which means it’s welcoming to all*.

And yep, I’m on the hunt for items that work for both bike riding and rollerskating (as well as my meager budget lol), as I’ve been combining the two all over this city! You may have seen me! Don’t laugh — we now have four women over the age of 50 showing up for our weekly rollerskating meetups. Join us!

My bellbottom leggings, unfortunately, get snagged in my chain rings, although damn cute, amirite? And that awesome artsy cloaky thing in the video below was six bucks at my local Goodwill! That’s first stop on the tour, of course. After rollerskating 🙂

* My only other tour here features the cute locally-painted picnic tables as part of a multifaceted program to encourage local dining during COVID — the city’s communications team just won a HUGE award for that project! Congrats, Jennifer Boettcher and Kathy Florence! (Fun fact: Kathy Florence designed the layout of my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike! If you prefer fiction, her books rock!)

I almost never vote with my pedals (and dollars) for those local restaurants, unfortunately, because, yes, you guessed it. No bike racks (and also extremely unwelcoming conditions for people-on-bikes in car-centric strip-mall parking lots). Ouch. Circle back to this post about the economic impact of women-on-bikes, ok? Wait, I’ll give you the highlights:

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