One Day, or Day One?

Every morning, you have a choice. I know conditions sometimes make it hard to choose starting to ride a bike, especially in many places in the United States.

If it’s something you want to do (or do for the first time in years), however (and trust me, your heart knows where it wants to go), Biketober (which kicks off today) is a great time to start. (available in some cities in the USA and around the world, maybe even yours) even gives you chances to win an ebike and other great prizes. Lots more is happening, too:

See the Biketober calendar’s details and links here

If you want to overcome some barriers to participation, I got your back (and cities, find out why you are definitely losing money right now, and what you can do about it).

Feel free to contact me if you have a particular challenge about which you need help brainstorming a solution.

You’re not alone. When you ride a bike, you are part of a #RollingWave around the world. Join us.

photos courtesy of Bicycle Mayors around the world
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