Join 190 Others Who Did These 4 Easy Steps (Visualize Success. Stop. Glide. Pedal.)

As of the morning of Day 3 of Biketober, Team Trust the Journey is in 4th place of all teams in the (Metro) Atlanta Bike Challenge! Yesterday’s ride with three members of my team (plus an honorary member) was epic, and I’ll be doing a story (or ten) on that soon. Our no pressure/all joy team is full, but we invite you to share the fun as well. Sign up at You earn chances to win great prizes (including a $2400 ebike!) every day you ride as little as 10 minutes.

Don’t know how to ride? Don’t worry. Lots of adults never learned.

However, right now, you may be less than two hours away (like almost all my adult students!) from something you might have thought you could never do. (Also, note that 78% of people with disabilities can ride some type of cycle/50% can ride a traditional two-wheeler).

All you have to do is:

1. Visualize Success;

2. Stop;

3. Glide;

4. Pedal.

Here’s how.

Fun facts: 190 people have now taken this class. About 350 have taken the longer class. Additionally, 1419 people have downloaded my Seniors on Trikes Class recommendations, and 572 have used my Traveling at the Speed of Bike book club discussion guide. See my curated Biketober calendar post with details and links to those free assets.

I’m grateful that technology enables me to extend my reach like this, close to home and around the world. Imagine what is possible . . .

Starting November 1, my pro bono focus for year 2 as part of the global consortium of Bicycle Mayors will be on developing and expanding assets in the “You Go, Girl!” toolkit. If there is something specifically you would find additionally helpful in that toolkit to make it even more useful worldwide, please let me know.

“You Go, Girl!” toolkit