Full-Bodied PIvot

I open the kitchen door to the garage and the light through the side window hits the empty concrete, my car in the shop for over a week now waiting seemingly-endlessly for a part.

I lace up my skates and I dance. “Crazy Legs,” that move that was so impossible, so hard to do, now comes easily.

My heart is loose and running wild, as usual but more so lately. I’m fully feral now. My bike and I are limitless.

I can barely sit still during rare Zoom meetings. I crave the rain on my skin, and nature complies with days and days of it.

I have lost all interest in the blah blah blah of all the reasons we can’t do this and that and this and that and I just do them anyway.

I am pivoting. I know this. I feel this. As a life-long kinesthetic experiential learner, I trust this — and embrace it full-bodied.

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