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So the hashtag #bicycle has a billion views on TikTok.

#BicycleGirl has 1.9 million.

#BicycleLife has 1.8 million.

#Biketober has 49.9 thousand views, with only 23 tagged videos. Five of them are mine.

I just originated the hashtag #rollerbiker, because that’s what I seem to be doing more than ever lately. I may do a whole RollerBiker series as a PeopleForBikes Ambassador on Ridespot . . .

The League of American Bicyclists, PeopleForBikes, Georgia Bikes, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, and every single other bike advocacy group I’ve searched has no official presence on TikTok (unless I’m missing it?). There are 1,994 views of #BikeLeague (all 5 videos are mine). There are 5,517 views of #PeopleForBikes (4 of the 13 videos are mine).

People! You’re missing out on a great content-creation and sharing platform, that can then turbo-charge your marketing communications across all platforms.

As a micro-influencer in the sustainability space (lol, jargon alert!), my engagement usually clocks in around 4% (considered very good). When I post my original content from TikTok on Twitter, it soars to around 12%. In the last 28 days, my impressions have increased 42.6%.

Plus, it’s frickin’ fun (endless music rights! yep, even like 40 or more versions of Bicycle Race, which is all anyone in the bike world cares about, amirite?!). And fun matters (now more than ever — I tag a lot of things #CenterJoy, especially after surviving road violence — here are 11 tips you may find helpful if that has happened to you, too). I’m walkin’ on sunshine, folks!

I can’t go to any more meetings that are stationary. Immobile. Unchanging in condition. I can’t sit on the Zoom calls*. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I’m too busy rollerbiking lately. And making and sharing TikToks. Follow me! (And then join me!)

Time’s tickin’, and we have no more time to waste to engage, encourage, and envision a new way forward right now, today. TikTok, tikTok, tikTok . . .

*I’ll be attending a few of the upcoming virtual Georgia Bike/Ped Summit sessions while in motion

Note: I currently don’t allow comments on TikTok OR on this blog, which does negatively impact my algorithms — but preserves my sanity (see Don’t Read the Comments, following my survival of a hit-and-run while Traveling at the Speed of Bike legally near my home). I predominantly use Tiktok as a content-creation platform. Here are some more recent examples of advocacy in action:


Find out how to apply to become or nominate someone to become a #BicycleMayor (or #juniorbicyclebob ) as part of global consortium.

♬ Bicycle (feat. Shungudzo) – BC Unidos

Biketober! See

♬ Bicycle – Shake, Rattle and Roll

Plus, there are falls. Lots and lots of falls. They are kinda my favorite. Too much Wile E. Coyote in my formative years, I guess lol.