Marge on a Roll!

My car has been in the shop since the end of September, by the way, with no sign of arrival of the needed part in the near future. They keep trying to give me a loaner car (which I may eventually accept, just to have). I told my customer service person there that “our ship will come in.” (Am increasingly not sure, however!) In the meantime, I’ve nearly doubled my average bike miles, which comes in handy since it’s Biketober! That trip to/from Clarkston each Saturday to check on the refugee Sharing Garden is a doozy.

I’ve been seeing my mom* each Sunday via bike and MARTA bus to the Metro Atlanta suburb-city of Alpharetta (which whips up 400 and is super fun, except for the waiting-in-snake-pits for the return bus!).


U can take a bike on the front of all #MetroAtlanta MARTA buses at all times. It’s fun!

♬ Movin’ Right Along – Little Apple Band

As the oldest participant in the Atlanta Bike Challenge, she’s rockin’ it and going above and beyond our weekly “rolls” (see photos above). Our no-pressure/all-joy team, Trust the Journey, is still holding on to 3rd place of all teams metro-wide! (We also have the youngest member at 11 years old, by the way, who rides daily as a bike commuter — see here.)

We’re hoping to get out on adult trikes soon as well (although both “sessions” that are scheduled by the Alpharetta parks department are booked — am working on a workaround of that).

If you are inspired by my mom to ride a bike (or “roll” — I’ve confirmed wheelchair use is allowable in this contest) for just ten minutes just once during Biketober, you can sign up at (no need to join a team) and get a chance to win a $2400 Edison electric bike.

When you log your first (and maybe only) ride/roll, it will ask you if anyone encouraged you. If you choose Marge Kulfan, she gets points that help our team. She can’t “roll” every day (she has a busy life and only so much energy and must conserve it), but she can help “trust the journey” by encouraging you!

*My mother is a survivor of three different cancers as well as a driver who ran a red light, totaled her car, and disabled her for life. None of that stops her.