Women, Increasingly Connected Around the World

photo courtesy of Ximena Rodriguez, Bicycle Mayor of Rosario, Argentina

Here are a few of the many female-identifying Bicycle Mayors* from around the world (Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and more) sharing links, resources, and support on our Zoom meeting this week. We are increasingly connected.

I’ll be sharing some of their resources in the You Go, Girl toolkit and profiling some of them as I pivot to 100% global focus, specifically for women and teen girls, for my 2nd year as the first Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor, starting November 1.

If you want to apply or nominate someone to represent your specific Metro Atlanta city (or wherever you live, if you don’t yet have representation on the global map), now is the time.

*There are about 130 Bicycle Mayors globally right now with the Amsterdam-based social enterprise BYCS. About a third are female-identifying, by the way. Everyone who is willing to donate pro bono time to make the world more welcoming for people on bikes and to be allies for those marginalized is welcome, of course. However, a goal is to get the percentage of women up to the appropriate percentage of the population.

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